For God and Country. No one understands more clearly what’s at stake in 2024 than those who have served in the military. Vivek’s courage on issues that affect Veterans and current military members – preventing World War III, prioritizing the safety of our borders, and ensuring our military is best equipped and armed to defend the homeland – will make him the bold Commander and Chief we need. 

If you are a Veteran ready to join the effort to save our Country and start the revolution we need, join Veterans for Vivek today! With your help, we can supercharge our 1776 movement. 

Patriotism should be an integral part of our every feeling at all times, for it is merely another name for those qualities of soul which make a man in peace or in war, by day or by night, think of his duty to his fellows, and of his duty to the nation through which their and his loftiest aspirations must find their fitting expression.

– Theodore Roosevelt 


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